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In the naive paintings of Alessandro Tognin you can also find flower or paintings suitable for children. The abstraction of Alessandro Tognin is naive and expressionist at the same time. You will not find in circulation a more formidable Italian painter than Alessandro himself.

His naive paintings are unique in their kind. In fact, they also remember how Ligabue painted  with all those restless shades and with all the brilliance of a wide chromatic range of colors. The modern naif pictures of Alessandro Tognin also represent paintings of still life or abstract paintings.

In the famous paintings or in contemporary oil paintings, Alessandro Tognin stands out among the other contemporary Italian painters for the technique with which he performs both the technique, with oil and acrylic.

The images of Alessandro ‘s paintings represent rural or landscape scenes where the painter gives free rein to all his incredible creativity.

Alessandro Tognin’s naive pictures such as “La Rosa and La Luna” are indescribably unique in their kind, with a range of warm and cold colors. Those paintings represent the nature in her essence and  it is possible to see the uncontaminated nature of painter’s soul.

It is thanks to a soul, that the naive paintings manage to go in depth and capture the essential aspect of natural representation of flowers with oil and acrylic on large canvas. The painter loves to describe himself as the medium through the naive painting takes shape and embodies the reality of his imagination in the abstract expressionist union with nature.

Alessandro Tognin’s naive paintings are part of private and public collections in Italy and abroad and represent various aspects and themes of everyday’s life. Today, in contemporary Italian painters, it is really difficult to find such a complete modern artist. Alessandro , in his naive paintings, stands out for the detailed representation of the environment that surrounds him, like a Ligabue, without taking anything away from the latter’s great painter of the twentieth century.

In fact there is a wide chromatic range of Alessandro’s palette. Thanks to these two fundamental abilities, the representation takes shape and the naive paintings becomes unique, stupendous pieces of great artistic and cultural value. Alessandro Tognin, thanks to his extraordinary pictorial abilities can boast of the frieze of being one of the greatest masters of contemporary art.

Alessandro Tognin’s naive paintings are unique and precious pieces of his way of being and making art with a brush with oil and acrylic colors on canvas. Here , as well as representing nature, they become also  impregnated of its incredible, unique and inimitable emotional experience, giving to the artwork a priceless value.

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