The poetry of the imaginary

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The poetry of the imaginary in the paintings of Alessandro Tognin.

A free flight of seagull, landscapes that open to the air, the fleeting appearance of figures, leaves that color the autumn season in poetry, the memory of roses and natural harmonies immersed in the glow of light, are iconographic themes of the ample narrative figurative of Alessandro Tognin.

It is not, therefore, a veristic representation, but his splendid pictorial art develops into refined vibrations that jump, through an abstract dimension that progresses towards a symbolic-expressionist interpretation in the emotional charge of color, where the metamorphosis of reality enchants the mood.

The pictorial technique, therefore, translates a visual dynamism, while chasing imaginary forms that run through his creative poetry, alternately following more intense colors that reveal lived moments of an “unreal reality”, becoming the revelation of a new dream.

Here then, in the skilful and instinctive pictorial gestures, visions sublimate art in brilliant chromatism, through the evocation of a lyrical abstraction of Mondrian that progresses towards Kandinskian coloristic suggestions.

Here, the representative subjects symbolically strip themselves of their exteriority  to become the essence of things, in which geometry and fantasy, matter and transparency are harmoniously integrated into a vision of dreamlike beauty.

That’s why, the pictorial narration becomes more articulated, between plans, facets, patches of color and lines that highlight futurist emphases, while Alessandro abandons himself to the forces of dream and of the unconscious in the existential abode of the author, always translated with a poetic breath .

Even the space, apparently complex in the expressive coloristic vigor, is actually the visual synthesis of an ideal logos of emotions, through a mental restructuring of memories that emerge unconsciously. In the end, the magic of the narration hovers in the paintings of Alessandro Tognin, in which the real data is confused in the design between geometrical lyric, between rapid brushstrokes with an instant and precise graphic that merges into emotional leaps and free thought of the author.

In this way, the subjects represented, often do not appear in their entirety, but are revealed in the complex pictorial plot, made even more incisive and original, between light cuts, glazes, in which the flowing brushstrokes evolve gradually into pure brightness and transparencies as an expression of intimate sensitivity.

And precisely, the chromatic datum, makes use of a rich and refined palette of intense shades, while the brilliant colors, among the variegated greens of nature, the flaming reds, the sunny yellows and the intense blues, live magical mixtures and overlaps that confer to artwork a lyrical dynamism.

Here lies the fascination in the paintings of Alessandro Tognin: the integration between expressive instinct and compositional rigor, between rationality and sentimental drive, creates a pictorial content, in which a sense of mystery hovers, where the iconographic composition and the coloristic alchemy in the shattering of representations becomes an expression of pictorial harmony in symbiosis with the inspiration of the universe.

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