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Why You Should Invest In Original Paintings

Whether you’re a new home-owner looking to embark on a redecorating project, or maybe you want to freshen up a tired space in your home or office, one of the best ways to establish the personality of the room is by decorating the walls with paintings. They could be abstract, surreal or nature landscape paintings.

Most stores may sell wall decorations, and it may be easy to pick up a few pieces with these online or offline retailers. But, what are you actually buying from these stores?

In this article, we will talk about the differences between buying mass-produced paintings and original paintings, and also try to figure out why you should invest in original paintings.

Original paintings aren’t just original because they are creative; they are original because they are one-of-a-kind. The opposite of original paintings would mass-reproduced paintings – they are those paintings manufactured in large quantities by a machine. Original paintings are usually more expensive than mass-reproduced paintings.

Why is Original Painting More Expensive Than Mass-Produced Painting?


Its one-of-a-kind nature makes original paintings a rarity. Just like you, there are no other versions of these paintings out there, making it very special and valuable. However, for the right to have the only version of a painting, you have to pay more. If thousands of people own the same painting, it’s no longer unique. Hence, mass-produced paintings are way less expensive.

Ease of Production

To mass-produce a painting, all that is needed is a large printer to produce several copies. The mechanical nature of this allows countless copies to be produced at the same time. On the other hand, original paintings take more time. A painter may spend hours, months or even years to come out with the final product.


To be able to produce in large quantities, the quality of prints and reproductions suffer. There are no known technologies that can layer beautiful, abstract paintings on canvas. And for this reason, prints and other reproductions are made using less expensive materials. Original paintings are hand-crafted by the painter, ensuring a finer, more perfected quality.

When to Buy Original Paintings?

Not everyone is a multi-millionaire art collector. For a lot of people purchasing paint, paintings are very informal, more like an impulsive buy at the furniture store, a flea market or a craft fair. But, when you are thinking about decorating a space at home or in the office, you can make the right purchase by knowing right ahead what you are looking for, how much you want to spend, and where you want the painting to go. One secret about buying paintings that many people do not know is that you don’t have to be multi-millionaire to afford original, high-quality paintings.

Benefits of Buying Original Paintings


Why buy a painting for your living space if it doesn’t look great? Original paintings are hand produced, and every color is specifically chosen and hand-applied. On the other hand, the mass-produced paintings are made with commercial inks instead of oil or acrylic paints, and machines print them.


One-of-a-kind paintings will make your space your own. How regularly have you noticed the same type of painting in several friends’ living rooms? Even if an original isn’t by a well-known artist, the originality of the piece evokes more of a sense of wealth and personality into your living space.

The Story

You wouldn’t find much conversation value in “Oh, I bought this painting from the store down the road.” But, when you buy an original painting, it is often an adventure. Not only can the story behind the painting impress your guests, but they’ll also help forge deeper personal connections between you and the painting you buy.

Investment value

One awesome thing about buying an original is that it has the potential to appreciate. Unlike furniture or mass-produced pieces, an original painting typically does not lose its value for having been pre-owned. However, if you invest smart, your painting may be worth more after years hanging in your living room than it was worth when you first bought it.

Where to Buy Original Paintings?

Original paintings are more available than you might think. Apart from the regular brick and mortar art galleries, and art fairs, you can buy original paintings online at Dreamsart. The online gallery/store is owned by an Italian painter, Alessandro Tognin. On this store, you will find colorful abstract paintings, including surreal and nature landscape paintings.

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