the world of the artist

the world of the artist

The works tell the world of the artist, his memories, the succession of events that generate emotions and upsets. Alessandro Tognin, using a wide range of colors, softens transparent glazes highlighted by incisive brushstrokes and contrasting colors. Landscapes, places, figures and objects are described and interpreted by the artist with authentic creativity.

An expressive charge invades his works transmitting different moods to the user: from anger to love, from aggression to serenity. Alessandro Tognin analyzes the painting of the early twentieth century, with technical and design skills, he embarks on a personal language that favors emotional states.

The artist digs into interiority, analyzes different emotions with respect to those that are actually recognizable, discovers and investigates new worlds, mental paths that generate reflections and questions.  The work of the artist Tognin is in continuous evolution, it expresses the changes of man, a personal interpretation of different social conditions that result in brilliant colors.

With intuition, the artist Tognin highlights perfect combinations that reveal the reality of things, pictorial elements become a symbol of human values. The world of the artist becomes a means of communication, expressing personal contents in a free composition of colors, lines and shapes that surround characters well delineated in details and expressive looks.

Alessandro Tognin analyzes the human figure, the movements, the postures and the faces that assign thoughtful, intuitive and seductive mental processes to the work. Continuous research, to which Tognin submits his style, leads him to experiment with color combinations that follow circulatory structures that immobilize the figures.

Figures of lovers investigate the sensual vision of love, interwoven bodies soften the composition created with contrasting colors. Full lips, female bodies are highlighted in their roundness. Furthermore, the same roundness of the body and color structure accompanies the movement of the composition.

Alessandro Tognin analyzes the simultaneity of the images that form the description and the narration of a place or a specific object between them, through a pictorial investigation the artist re-elaborates fragments lived, a visual research that crosses the dark corners of everyday places to reach to the discovery of a captivating freedom, full of emotions and serenity.

A realistic but also fantastic and dreamed painting, the artist pursues a pictorial succession that starts from the theme of the realistic figure and from the emblematic expression of today’s time, to reach the interpretation and representation of dreams. Dreamlike tales or reconstructed visions take on the characteristics of a dream, elusive by nature, with technical skill the artist Tognin expresses what cannot be represented, giving his works an expressive power that amazes the user.

Alessandro amplifies his field of pictorial expression, researches and investigates his creativity, reaching the creation of works of art that obtain and discover new appreciations that spur his soul to continue his artistic career. His works are currently already part of private Italian and foreign collections.

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