Surreal Paintings

In the surreal paintings of Alessandro Tognin, we see that art can create surprising optical illusions. In fact the viewer, looking at his paintings, realizes that they include more than one dimension. Now he immerses himself in one world, now in another.

The spectator feels the sensation of being able to enter and live in a parallel world.  In the surreal paintings of Alessandro Tognin they can be of classic square or rectangular dimensions. The scenes represented, enchant the viewer with the assortment of colors used by the artist.

Yellow, red or blue that mix in explosive mixtures and with particular light tones that only Alessandro can give. The art of the painter is not a verist representation but develops into refined shudders of vibrations.

Progress is being made towards an abstract dimension that translates into a symbolic-expressionist interpretation. Color has an emotional charge that enchants the soul of the viewer while Alessandro Tognin translates reality with his metamorphoses.

Imaginary forms chase each other in a visual dynamic that retraces his creative poetry.  The most intense colors reveal the author’s new dreams, revealing lived moments of an unreal reality.

The pictorial gestures are instinctive and the great painters of the past are evoked with brilliant colors. From the lyrical abstraction of Mondrian to Kandinski where the subjects are stripped of their exteriority to become essence. Geometry and fantasy, light and shadow, matter and transparency are harmoniously integrated into a vision of dreamlike beauty.

Even space is actually a visual synthesis of an ideal place of emotions through a mental recomposition of memories that emerge from the unconscious.

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