Emerging talent in contemporary art

emerging talent in contemporary art

Alessandro Tognin, an emerging talent in contemporary art!

The works of Alessandro Tognin have been appreciated in major exhibitions throughout Italy for the past three years. There are several sales. The most popular themes of  my artistic production is at 360 degrees. In fact with these painting I like to represent beautiful women figures, sunsets, scenes of everyday life in which I give free rein to my emotions.

Thanks to my use of color I can breach in the heart of the spectator amplifying the emotion he feels while he’s observing one of my paintings. I am convinced that in all my paintings there is a part of me, so when the viewer admires one he sees reality with my eyes and the color, that makes natural background in all my works, accompanies him inside revealing charm and mystery.

The emerging talent, in his paintings, shows a strong color palette of warm colors, which convey energy and positivity to illuminate even the most bleak place in the world. In fact my works are rich in colors that are combined with rhythms and combinations that I choose in a particular way.

Doing that precisely to highlight my emotional experience compared to the situation that I decided to represent in the picture. As I see it, the beauty of a sunset as it is represented in ‘Soffio’ is eloquent of my way of seeing the landscape and feeling the mystery of nature.

This is beyond the formal aspect of visual representation towards the world of emotions and of feelings. Nature is revealed through a symbolic interpretation of the light that envelops objects and people. I love, in the same way,  to represent human figures, in particular the female figure with the archetypal symbolism that is proper to her.

In my painting, the colors I prefer to use are blue, yellow and red, basically the primary colors through which the whole composition develops. The colors and their combination represent the uniqueness of my compositions through which the messages of the painting develop. I believe it is a real cryptic way of communicating with the observer by making him change his point of observation.

I am an artist whose goal is to give free rein to his way of seeing the world. A world made up of symbolisms and archetypal messages that can be captured in a totally unexpected way by experiencing the emotions that they themselves suggest. I would say that I like to live life in first person, aware of the fact that the emotions I feel and try are strong.

More over, for this reason they deserve to be transmitted through a painting, with the use of the color that distinguishes me. I love to paint, it is my world, but I believe that the principle and the ultimate end of a painting is to share a point of view expressed in a unique and inimitable way that survives for a very long time.

My works are unique pieces and have a value that goes beyond the price of the painting. For the themes I deal with and for the subjects chosen, I love a lot “Sunset on the city” for the chromatic combinations, “Breath” for the unique beauty of the sunset represented, “Twin” for the chosen subject and the setting, “In the wood” for the composition and the landscape, “In front of the Beach” for the uniqueness of the painting in its way of representing the theme of the sunset on the beach.

More over, “Between the Clouds” for the beauty of the light that unravels through the vapor of the clouds,”Tumi” for the energy of the painting that is transmitted through the eyes of the two lovers. Alessandro, an emerging talent an innate sense of freedom:

“When the viewer admires one of my paintings he sees reality with my eyes”…

“In my paintings my favorite colors are blue, yellow and red, primary colors”.

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