Economic Abstract Paintings

Two trees together oil on canvas, 120cm x 120cm, oil on canvas, 2012

Investing in original paintings
Investing in original paintings




Modern Economic Abstract Paintings

Modern Abstract Art is the depiction of abstract art with a modernist twist, or with a contemporary spirit that is in tune with the times. Just like ordinary abstract art, the modern versions are diverse, ranging from the vivacious and bustling pieces that deploy a lot of color and detail as a mean of expression to the more taciturn pieces that depict simplicity and quietude in monochromatic shades.

In some instances, artists seek to create introductory pieces for amateur art enthusiasts and therefore deploy basic tools, materials and medium to produce modern abstract painting that can be considered economic and affordable for the mass market. Frequently, these art pieces serve as an introductory piece between the artist and the viewer, who later on seeks to deepen this relationship with custom made pieces. 

Modern economic abstract paintings are a good starting point for amateur art enthusiasts who want to journey into the exciting world of art in general and abstract paintings in particular. This is because they have a number of benefits that more costly pieces may not provide both the artists and the buyers. First, they provide an affordable introduction into art styles, enabling enthusiasts to experience what the modern abstract style has to offer without compelling them to spend too much money.

The more they experience these benefits, the more they fall in love with the style and the artist. Second, they enable the artist to maintain a link with customers, admirers, critics and potential patrons. Many economic paintings find their way into real art consumers who can then commission bigger and more complex works to serve diverse purposes e.g. commemorative murals, family portraits, etc.

Third, modern economic abstract paintings are much easier to sell in the mass market, whether online or offline, than the more expensive pieces that attract top tier clients. This is because they are easier to produce and take less time, enabling the artist to earn an income from brisk business while leaving him flexible to take more lucrative custom work. 

Modern economic abstract paintings comprise the same colors and shades as more expensive works but proceed from less complex materials. For example, an artist may rely on water colors which tend to be cheaper than acrylic and oil paints. The artist may also perform the piece on paper instead of canvas, with the only expensive element being the framework he uses to give clients a ready-made product.