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Tangenziale,acrilico su tela,cm60xcm60,2019


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  • Tangenziale soft color painting
  • Nature Painting on White Canvas
  • One of a kind artwork
  • Designed to enhance the style of your home with colorful art and imagery.

Stuck in traffic; it wasn’t all right, the car wasn’t moving.  The mantra her shrink had given her wasn’t working – she had suspected it wouldn’t, but she had been willing to give it a try. 

She was going to be late.  Those were the facts.  There was nothing she could do about the facts, her shrink had said, and the world would keep turning even if she had to scramble to catch up on her morning work.  It wasn’t her fault.  Everything was her fault. 

But the bubbling shrieking that was building at the base of her throat wasn’t going to go away once she got past this traffic.  It wasn’t going to go away when she got to work, either, because she would be late and there would be too much to do. 

It might go away when she got home that night and crawled under the covers so her neighbors couldn’t hear her sobbing, but that would only be a temporary relief.  It would build again, and she would bruise the palms of her hands when she pounded them against the steering wheel, and nothing would be all right.

She should have left earlier.  She should always leave early, but some days it was just too hard to lever herself out of bed.  She should get better at it.  She should pull herself together and try.  It was a matter of willpower, she told herself, gritting her teeth again as the lane next to her started to inch forward without her — willpower and getting to bed on time.

Finally, she sighed as the lights winked out, one by one, and the speedometer crept up to twenty, twenty-five, then thirty.  It wasn’t fast, but she was moving.  Moving was always better than standing still.


  • This piece is an original Artwork, handmade and painted Alessandro Tognin.
  • This piece is not a print painting. Gallery wrapped canvas, stretched with staple free painted sides.
  • The Painting is ready to hang. No framing needed unless preferred.


  • Material: Acrylic paint
  • Size: 60 x 60 cm
  • Colors: Red, blue, yellow, white, black, orange
  • Scope of Application: Living room, bedroom, dining room, study, bay window, balcony, etc.