Geometric abstract paintings

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Elenoire, acrylic on canvas, cm70xcm70,Ferrara,2019


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Inspired by modern art, the collection of Alessandro Tognin geometric abstract paintings is full of new compositions, intense colors and fascinating shapes.

The assortment is dedicated to lovers of modern and non-modern interiors, who appreciate the intensity of the colorful and interesting canvases.

The popularity of modern abstract paintings is due to the combination of evolution, geometric motifs and the colorful variety of brushstrokes.

Each person will find something for himself in a wide range of modern geometric abstract paintings, ranging from dynamic and flashy compositions to simpler ones.

Delicate abstract flowers or variations with animal motifs and all this can be found among the modern abstract paintings of Tognin Alessandro.

Moreover many paintings are available in different sizes and compositions and this will allow you to arrange them perfectly in any environment.

Colors on canvas that stand out for their excellent quality and resistance will enrich your living room, your kitchen or bathroom and will give your room a certain originality.

Real chromatic explosions characterize his work. Swirls of light defeat the atrocities of the dark.

A painting whose guidelines must be sought in that philosophical thought of the beginning of the 19th century, at the center of which the idea of ​​light was placed as salvation.

In Tognin the sign plays a very important role. It does not refer to classical academicism, too focused on attention to detail, but it gives more space to what is the message of the work.

His artworks are so extremely communicative and well distributed in space. The color scheme is not the ordinary one. Tognin, with great creative genius, changes his clothes. An artist capable of restoring order to the disorder of reality.

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