How to paint

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How to paint

There is a way of making for each product that exists, and this applies to paintings as well. When an idea crosses your mind, you create a sketch, then transfer it on the canvas, Pick your brushes and start painting.

For instance, you can consider coming up with a city landscape painting. It may not be perfect in the beginning, but practice makes perfect. The following are seven steps that you could follow to make your drawing.

Study the subject.

 Dismiss the words and try to search for shapes, design, color, and value. Squint severally to assist you in eliminating detail and minimize the discoloration to view the large shapes and movement within the image once it is already painted in your mind view those forms of your subject in two dimensions.

Under paint the Canvas 

Under painting gets rid of the tough, restraining white canvas and enables you to freely paint in without caring about ‘filling in’ the white. Utilize a big brush in creating burnt sienna. Avoid making your paint thick such that it appears dark, or thin that it traces down the canvas. 

Make a Color and Value adjustment

If you have lost your darkest darks, put them back then check the lights. If they do not have enough light, key them up with thicker paint. Make the colors sing.

Distinguish the Big Shapes 

Check the subject and spot the big shapes. With the use of burnt sienna, put broken lines. Spot five or six shapes, but do not put too many details.

Work through a Value Study 

Squint at your picture to avoid seeing the color. Begin with the darkest darks and paint them in.

Block the Colors In 

Ensure the paint is still thin and do not cover every burnt sienna to show a lot of it. Estimate the colors and then put them down as they are seen. 

Finish the Painting 

Find the right place to stop painting rather than finishing. Stay away from the fixing temptation. Let it disturb people, particularly you. Put a few highlights with thick paint in the brightest areas.