Abstract painting in the city

In the city, acrylic abstract painting, cm60xcm80,Ferrara 2019


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Abstract painting,In the city, acrylic on canvas, cm60xcm80, Ferrara 2019.

In this store on line you can find Abstract paintings of various sizes by contemporary painter Alessandro Tognin. More over, there are canvas  of different sizes: from the classic 50cmx50cm to larger paintings, for example, 80cmx80cm.

Modern contemporary art and several avant-garde painters and artists has inspired Alessandro.
In fact, in his collection of works of art, you will find innovative abstract paintings of pure and dazzling colors with delicate shapes.
The collection is aimed at lovers of modern interiors who buy and collect art and abstract contemporary painting.

The success of modern abstract paintings is due the beautiful brushstrokes of Alessandro Tognin. The geometries he has impressed on his canvases and his very particular use of color are great. Within this large set of paintings it is possible that you will find all canvases where are represented dynamic compositions of color or geometric figures. Alessandro Tognin revisited all them in an abstract key.

The universe of abstract representation, floreal compositions and scenes of everyday life-all this can be found among Alessandro Tognin abstract paintings .

In addition, each work of his art, as we said before, is available in various sizes and assortments. This will allow you to place all these artworks in an excellent way in every exhibition environment.

The abstract paintings will give to your home or your environment a unique and original tone.
All you have to do is to choose your favorite painting or your artwork within this collection of abstract contemporary painter Alessandro Tognin.
These artworks arouse emotions and a lot of appreciation and also represent a safe investment.  Appreciating over time, these artworks give even more value to your exhibition environment.

So not only beauty and pleasure within this collection of abstract art but solid emotions, feelings and sensations.

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