Author’s copy painting

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Author’s copy painting

The Shaman Way
Author’s copy painting


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Author’s copy painting


  • Author’s copy painting soft color painting
  • Surreal Painting on White Canvas
  • One of a kind artwork
  • Designed to enhance the style of your home with colorful art and imagery.

Shamanic healing is fundamentally a beneficial force for growth and change. It deepens awareness of both the causes of problems within one’s life and sheds light on the path forward to greater well-being and wholeness. Shamanic healing is a means of activating one’s inner potential and inherent healing abilities. 

Shamanic Healing is a profound means to self-empowerment and works by: Unblocking stuck energies in one’s auric field, restoring flow, and returning power and energy to their rightful places. Power retrieval to one’s aura restores our power, which we may have lost connection to and reconnects us with our power animals and spirit guides.

Soul retrieval returns soul essence; while extraction and dispossession healing, remove and transmute energies within ones auric space which we have collected along the way that is not ours and belong elsewhere. 

This way of healing brings profound change, and should only be undertaken if you are in full agreement of allowing change to happen, to complete the healing.

The Shamanic view of the world is that all things are interconnected in a web of beingness; everything affects everything else. The Shaman honors’ all kingdoms mineral, plants, animal and human, the four elements, earth, air, fire and water, and develops the four aspects of ourselves, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

The maintenance of one’s power is essential to Shamans well-being. The Shaman must stay centered and balanced; this is achieved by remaining rooted in a personal connection to the earth, and from this earth connection, the Shaman is then able to reach into the spirit realms. In this way, the Shaman becomes a channel between the energies of the earth, nature and the energies of the spirit world.

This painting is supposed to bring a sense of healing to your home. Whatever it is you may be hurting from, carefully observing this painting should bring you some peace and healing.


  • This piece is a author’s copy Artwork, handmade and painted by Alessandro Tognin.
  • This piece is not a print painting. Gallery wrapped canvas, stretched with staple free painted sides.
  • The Painting is ready to hang. No framing needed unless preferred.


  • Material: Acrylic paint
  • Size: 70 x 70 cm
  • Colors: Red, blue, yellow, white, black, orange, green
  • Scope of Application: Living room, bedroom, dining room, etc.