Beautiful Landscapes Paintings


Angle surreal picture, oil on canvas, cm50xcm70,Ferrara 2013

Angle surreal picture, oil on canvas, cm50xcm70,Ferrara 2013
Angle surreal picture, oil on canvas, cm50xcm70,Ferrara 2013

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Beautiful Landscapes Paintings

Landscape paintings are the expression of natural features found around the environment in pictures as background sceneries to support subjects or as the primary subjects to convey ideals, emotions and concepts. Landscape art is so dominant as a master genre of painting; it transcends various styles including abstract, cubist, expressionist, impressionist, modernist, surrealist, etc.

Artists specializing in these different approaches have variously expressed landscapes and enriched the art genre with ever creative and exciting productions.  

Elements of beautiful landscapes paintings include the sky, the land, natural features such as tress, plants, animals, hills, mountains, valleys, rivers, lakes, fjords, cliffs, etc. The choice of natural features to depict is almost limitless and the shade, hue, brightness, vividness, color, etc that an artists can deploy to paint beautiful landscapes paintings is just as diverse.

As a consequence, weather is also a critical but subtle element which the artist must fully control but with sensitivity and delicacy to minimize overemphasis. Once an artist settles on what feature, which style and which tools he will use to paint it, he must also decide on its role in the painting; whether as a subject in the picture or a as a background prop to the picture.

Landscape paintings also have the peculiarity of allowing an artist to produce pieces without a subject, i.e. some paintings have a balanced representation of all elements, eliminating any prominent aspects that can assume the place of a solo subject.   

Beautiful landscapes paintings also allow the artist to portray both actual and imaginary landscapes with varying degrees of accuracy as a means of simple expression or even to communicate deeper concepts, ideas and emotions.  The latter approach is common in Chinese landscape art which is found on paintings as well as other surfaces and media such as furniture, cutlery, books, etc.

Landscape art has also birthed townscapes, in which artists depict the artificial and natural features found in towns and cities, with the same level of flexibility and dedication. Landscape artists can also combine both real and imaginary concepts to produce altogether new art never seen before.

Hence, an artist may borrow the local lake landscape in one location and add a boat from another location, then combine these with a random individual in a third location to depict a fisherman spreading his nets over the water. Beautiful landscapes paintings are therefore a major aspect of art and expression across the world, valid in diverse cultures and eras.