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Carnevale 2019,acrilico su tela, cm70xcm100,Ferrara, 2019

your art collection
your art collection


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Types of painting that you may find in your art collection

Over the years, how the artists have been painting and whatever they have been using has developed. Modern technology and different tastes entail that the paints applied by the artists have kept on diversifying.  How do you determine the correct type of paint that suits your artwork? Below are some of the coatings that you may find in your art pieces such as the abstract acrylic painting.


Watercolors are usually painted down on a paper. They are made from paints suspension in a water-based solution. Due to the transparent layers that they make, watercolor paints stay soluble even if they are dry. That signifies that artists can still do some rectifications even if the painting has already dried, although it also means that completed work should be carefully protected.

Acrylic of your art collection

There is a wide range of acrylic paints based on texture and drying time. The above water-soluble tends to dry quickly. It is non-toxic, affordable, and often sought by the artists of every level of skill. It lasts more than the oil paint because it is not vulnerable to cracking or yellowing.

There are numerous paint techniques, and when the artists combine the paint with various mediums, they come up with flexible art piece such as the abstract acrylic painting. Although acrylic paint is water resistant if it is entirely dry on the canvas, it is water-soluble making it damp for effortless cleanup.

Oil Paint

Oil paint tends to be the most utilized type of paint. The color pigments of this paint are generally planted in oil. It could be any oil. The most critical oil paint characteristic is that it dries up at a prolonged rate, mainly if the artists utilize thick strata of the substance. This aspect could be useful because it is easy to rectify the artwork until the paint dries up.

On the issue of preserving artworks pieces, oil paints tend to alter the color with time due to the light influence and not exposed to the light for an extended period it may begin to darken. Putting the painting back to light can revert this process.