the value of art

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the value of art
the value of art


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Tips on how to determine the value of art

When going through a museum or art gallery, you must have marveled why some artworks have more value than others? It is related to money, market art value.

Without much thought, you may conclude that it is all about one’s taste. Nevertheless, several crucial factors play a significant role in valuing artworks. Some of them include the following


The technique has an impact on the value of art. For instance, are they original abstract acrylic paintings or very different photographic processes?

If yes, then they will add value. It is also crucial to analyze the works in a similar medium to assist you in finding the value. Making Comparison of the two paintings from one artist gives you a better detonation of amount than making the Comparison between an art and a print.


One of the things that differentiate a cheap painting from a costly one as might be expected is authenticity. For example, a real abstract landscape painting will forever be worth a lot more than the copy.


Indeed, the state of the painting is an essential factor. As an example, if an artwork has been damaged by the sun or bears a tear, this will affect its price in an adverse way


Size is also an essential consideration in art. That does not mean that a bigger abstract landscape painting is better at all times. Even so, it represents a particular skill level that frequently adds value to some work. It is also wise to consider what the clients love since not every huge piece of artworks everywhere.

Subject matter

Likewise, artworks with a specific subject matter have a tendency of selling more than the others. For instance, beautiful women paintings’ are worth more than men paintings, though there are exclusions to this. Also, Sunny landscapes have a higher demand than the dark ones while ships in calm seas are worth more than the vessel in a storm. 

‘Wall power’

Even though it is not easy to measure in words, wall power of an artwork may be the most significant deciding factor of its value. Does the artwork shock you? Does it inspire you and why?  These will assist in determining the price.