Characteristics of Surreal paintings

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Characteristics of Surreal paintings
Characteristics of Surreal paintings


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Characteristics of Surreal paintings

If at all you have ever come across a visual art of the Surrealist time, you may be having a hard time to comprehend its meaning. That is because the Surrealist artists would, for example, use affordable original art to depict how their subconscious minds operated particularly on sexuality and violence issues that they believed to have been ignored. The following are some of the characteristics of surreal paintings

Automaticity and juxtaposition

Automatic artwork means that the artists’ paints what is in their minds without ceasing or construction. Juxtaposition in a surrealist art is usually drawing images to combine foreign objects. Even so, although they may not be relevant, Surrealists do their best to relate the two surrealism objects through the unconscious and delivering these relations with such Juxtaposition

Dreams and fantasy

Surrealist art frequently utilizes dream imaginations to express how their minds work. Ever dreamt of your teeth falling down or that you were flying in the sky? Surreal artists use such images to come up with true meanings.


Moreover, surrealists also employed symbols as a way of telling a story. Symbols represent ideas, emotions or results. For instance, a smile can symbolize happiness while a heart image symbolizes love. 

Surrealists bring out the psychological truth by getting rid of the normal function of ordinary objects to come up with large abstract artwork.  Consequently, they arouse empathy from the observer.


The Surreal artists felt that something was incredibly wrong in their society. Their society had just experienced, world war 1which caused many deaths. Mass death is very surreal! In agreement with the artists, a community that can cause this kind of destruction is undoubtedly corrupted. Therefore, one of their objectives was to generate a drastic change in society.

They believed that surreal art which may include large abstract artwork would make people change views about themselves and the community. Surrealist art was a means of breaking away from the former spoilt ways of thinking and acquiring a new direction of thinking. That entails thoughts that are more generative than destructive.