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Le radici del tempo,acrilico su tela,cm100xcm70,Ferrara,2018


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The abstract paintings are realized by Alessandro Tognin in 2019.

It is a purely abstract paintings. The colors are lively and gaudy. For the sinuosity of the shapes they refer directly to the waves of the ocean. With all those colors and shades. Windy day abstract paintings 2019 are in fact inspired by the shapes and luminescences of the sea and the ocean.

On the background the waves that descend vertically are cut by other types of waves in the foreground. As a result the painter Alessandro Tognin uses two types of warm colors and cold. They are mixed in a rhythmic and instinctive manner inside the painting. The windy picture of the abstract painting 2019 is a painting in which it is as a poem dictated by the heart is represented.

The wind shakes and mixes the sun and the moon and the smells of all the flowers. The trees break, the certainties are torn and the wounds dry. The wind above all the air dictates the composition of the painting and the ways in which where the color is instinctively spread.

The artist always uses it wisely in his representations and coloristic compositions. The color falls sinuous and dense inside this painting. For this reason the representation can be said to be also material and informal. Material due to the copious and abundant quantity of the color that is used in the painting. Informal because the lines overlap without particular predefined geometries. The painting thus takes all the light possible thanks to the use of light shades and veiling delicate streaks.

Alessandro Tognin  is a master in his paintings, this is the symbolic message that is delivered to the user of the work of art. A message of joy, love and exultation of life in all its forms and qualities. The artist is aware of this and wants to convey it in turn this acquired awareness.

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