Selling Modern Paintings

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Selling Modern Contemporary Paintings
Selling Modern Contemporary Paintings


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Selling Modern Contemporary Paintings

Numerous online and offline platforms exist that enable selling modern contemporary paintings. Some of these approaches include online markets, online auctions, exhibitions and gallery auctions. First, online markets such as,,, etc all provide platforms that artists can use to provide potential buyers with a glimpse of their work before purchasing processes begin.

Some of the methods each website uses to offer clients and artists room for interaction include free access to either the artists or the buyers and a commission from the other; online auctions similar to conventional public sales in art galleries; bidding opportunities stretching over days for buyers ready to pay highest prices as happens in, etc.

In some instances, the websites work as online art dealers, buying and selling modern contemporary paintings from well known artists as well as amateurs, provided the works follow the modernistic, post-war and contemporary styles and their quality is exceptional enough to attract the target market. Such platforms often have networks of dedicated private buyers who invest in abstract, surreal, abstract geometric and other modern paintings. 

Most dedicated art platforms (unlike Amazon, eBay, alibaba, etc) only sell original art paintings from well known artists and do not have reproductions or copies of famous paintings in their collection. This approach has the advantage of promoting original art and artists who get a chance to showcase their creativity without competing with old masters and their copies that can find their way into such collections.

Other platforms selling modern contemporary paintings also provide art valuation services for clients, often as a free service that enables deeper future interaction when the client decides to sell their work. Some websites go as far as buying and selling entire art collections or estates for clients who may want to dispose their assets, giving keen collectors a chance to acquire larger compilations of sometimes rare and homogenous works from even obscure artists and masters. 

High-end art dealer companies like Sotheby’s known for selling modern contemporary paintings are renowned dealers in art pieces from across the world, trading paintings and other works for individuals and corporations while earning a commission or outright profit for purchases.

They also display these paintings in their publicly accessible galleries that attract viewers from across the world. They also sell modern art online through live auctions streamed around the world for special clients bidding to purchase at the highest prices.