Perfect size of your wall painting

Elettrico,acrilico su tela,cm100xcm70,Ferrara,2018

Elettrico,acrilico su tela,cm100xcm70,Ferrara,2018
Elettrico,acrilico su tela,cm100xcm70,Ferrara,2018


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Tips on how to choose the Perfect size of your wall painting

Irrespective of whether it is original abstract art, a framed print or photographs, every designer can tell you that putting artwork on your house wall will compliment your space with style and color and will most likely become an attractive eye focal point in your area.  Even so, the job of deciding the appropriate size and positioning of the piece of art can at times seem intimidating.  

Most people keep on wondering the right painting size for their wall. Below is a guide on deciding the correct wall painting size just for your space, to assist you in making the selection process a bit easier, and the most crucial part, fun!

Before buying an Artwork

Before you buy a piece of art, it is wise to outline the proportions of your wall. A long time ago, people taped a printer paper on the artwork, determined the dimensions using the painter’s tape, and also put down sticky notes on the corners of their pieces of art if they were are in a hurry.

As for you, you can decide to step back with your phone and take a picture. After that, readjust as required and make a comparison of the different sizes.

Take a Measurement of the wall’s length and width where you need to hang that original abstract art. If you will place it over a couch, bed or other furniture pieces, measure the open wall area, from the upper part of the furniture to the ceiling and not from the ground to the ceiling

Fireplace art

The breadth of your art should not be smaller than the opening of the fireplace or broader than the mantle. A piece of Artwork should hang three to six inches above the mantle.

Artwork above the SOFA :Perfect size of your wall painting

Your piece of art should bear 2/3 to 3/4 of the breadth of your sofa. It should never be more extensive than the couch or sofa. If you choose 2/3 smaller pieces and not one big part, leave four to seven inches between every piece because It should be six to12 above your couch.