Landscape painting

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In the citrus, acrylic on canvas, 60cmx80cm,Ferrara, 2019


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The landscape painting depicts an ancestral scene in which a citrus grove is represented. In the foreground it is also possible to see pears coming down from a plant painted in bright green. The pears are a symbol of prosperity and work by the man of the earth .

They are luxuriant and full of taste also thanks to the work in symbiosis with the sun and the earth that brings them nourishment. The skilful brushstrokes of the painter know how to highlight these characteristics.

While we see how in the background on the right a strand of lemons appears. The lemon plant is wilder but at the same time it is used in different ways by the Mediterranean cuisine of Italian women. The painter Alessandro Tognin paints a couple of them in a sublime way. Inside the landscape painting instead we see how nature becomes wilder and more luxuriant.

Branches and leaves are intertwined according to the taste of the artist who enriches the last composition in such a way. On the online abstract paintings of Alessandro Tognin you can find all this: find landscapes painted in an expressionist style in an interpretative symbolic key. His paintings also tend to be material due to how color is used in its forms and specific representations.

In fact his paintings can be purchased both within each single item of this site and on the online store still here inside. It ranges within this showcase and gives free rein to all the inspiration of the Artist Alessandro Tognin: in his paintings are always present, in the brushstroke, elements of pure abstractism, landscape, still life and representations of everyday scenes.

The beauty hovers in the paintings of Alessandro Tognin and the pleasure of owning one part both from the unparalleled mix of color vivacity and because they represent an investment to furnish your home or work environment.

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