Kiss man and woman

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Kiss man and woman, acrylic on canvas, 60cmx80cm,2019,Ferrara


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The kiss is the most expressive form of affection between a man and a woman, a gesture that expresses love and passion but also respect and friendship.
The kiss is vital energy between two people and is the most intimate and direct form of affection.

It expresses not only love, but also attraction and passion. More over, it can be a sweet kiss on the cheek or a passionate lover, popped in the air as a gesture of friendship or a sensual kiss. Experts say that the kiss has beneficial effects on the physical and mental health of the individual and allows creating a stronger bond in the couple.

This kiss generates a state of wellbeing in the person who gives it and in those who receive it, at the level of the mind and body and a consequent reduction in stress. Of course, everyone likes kisses, but women are especially welcome, as some studies show. Some psychologists have deepened their studies on how important the role of kisses is, especially for them.

It seems that inside the couple, men are convinced that affectionate kisses become less and less important as time goes by, while their wives, girlfriends or companions, are instead led to think otherwise. The kiss between man and woman is therefore experienced as a fundamental and inalienable gesture of love, able to maintain and strengthen the bond of love and passion in the couple every day.

Not everyone in the world loves kisses though. Only 50% of humanity actually practices kissing as a form of affectionate exchange. In certain cultures there is a fear of losing the soul with a kiss, which would go away with the breath during the kissing gesture. And the kiss, hidden from everyone’s vision, makes this picture more intriguing and fascinating.

In fact, in this painting, love is the dominant thought, the will of nature. The kiss between man and woman is represented with tenderness and sensuality. And the kiss, stolen from everyone’s vision, makes this picture even more interesting and fascinating.

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