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Nothin More,acrylic on canvas,cm100xcm70,Ferrara,2018


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In the abstract textural paintings of the painter Alessandro Tognin the sensations and emotions mix bombastic to the rhythm of brushstrokes . The colors used also are white and black.

Alessandro Tognin began to paint abstract material paintings when he was still a child. First with watercolors to then grow and switch to oil and acrylic paintings. Passion and technique have increased over the years and have led Alessandro Tognin to become a very popular artist not only in Italy.

Thanks to this strong mastery of the palette and technique, Alessandro  creates abstract and figurative artworks, characterized by particular shapes and intense colors. The abstract textural paintings Alessandro Tognin are based on color and research. Every painting has a story, a design that comes from a very precise inspiration. The subjects are the most varied, from landscapes and people to natural elements and sunsets.

The use of color and technique distinguish his style. The palette is used 360 degrees with all shades of colors. Therefore, an introspective and fleeting journey as the chaotic setting of our society presents itself. His works highlight isolated images but also objects that establish contact with the environment, city landscapes, sensual figures are surrounded by a color rich in nuances and colors.

Emotionality plays a fundamental role in the abstract material paintings of Alessandro Tognin. Abstract painting can be more or less instinctive or require more days of realization. The works that Alessandro Tognin produces are suitable for furnishing works and can be a tribute to special occasions. Some of his paintings are already part of private collections.

Not only but also because the modern abstract paintings of Alessandro Tognin acquire more and more value over time. Therefore it is certainly an investment of value. The paintings painted by the contemporary artist vary in size from the canonical 50cmx50cm to 100cmx100cm and it is also possible to commission inside this site even canvases of even greater dimensions.

You can dance with the color inside your modern contemporary paintings. The lines surround the explosion of the form in the form of bright colors and full of joy. The abstract is revisited both in the form of spatulas and brushstrokes given with decision and speed.

Alessandro in his paintings pours out all his very personal style. Unmistakable style both for the brushstrokes and for the spatulate date.That’s why an owner of a picture of Alessandro Tognin is doubly satisfied. As mentioned, it represents both a wonderful way to furnish your home or work environment. At the same time, it is also an investment of great elegance and value.

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