Abstract Geometric Paintings


Wu Mingxia, acrylic on canvas, 116cmx73cm, Antigua Fuerteventura,2017

Abstract Geometric Paintings
Abstract Geometric Paintings

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Abstract Geometric Paintings

The abstract geometric style is a method of painting in which the artist depicts geometric forms, images and shapes such as squares, circles, triangles, cuboids, etc with the free-flowing approach peculiar to abstract sensibilities.  The artist makes an effort to ensure that each image he depicts are conspicuous to the eye as part of the entire art work, which distinguishes this style from abstract expressionism which may have blurry or merging shapes and images.

This approach to representation that maintains clarity as a core element is reliant on the utilization of non-illusionistic spaces that do not create optical illusions. However, some of the geometric forms that artists may deploy can be non-objective compositions that convey a sense of geometry and abstraction without expressing any known shapes. 

Abstract geometric paintings are the most popular art forms in the Middle East where predominantly Islamic societies emphasize the importance of artistic expressions that do not depict images that the viewer can misconstrue as idolatrous. The abstract geometrics of the middle east is heavily pattern based and colorful with elements and motifs that influenced the movement in the western world, having begun during the pinnacle of Islamic art and expression in the medieval era. 

Artists in this era combined scientific, philosophical and spiritual concepts and depicted them as abstract geometric forms.  In modern art, abstract geometric paintings became popular among avant-garde artists who were keen to update the modernist style through the infusion of abstract ideas with a non-objective outlook being the driving sentiment. Such paintings are available in diverse formats from oil, to water and acrylic based paints and from canvas to paper. 

The best approach to appreciating abstract geometric paintings is by firstly, appreciating its objective. Trying to discern the purpose for which the artist created the work or the message they are trying to communicate sets the tone for the interaction with the art piece. For example, Islamic artists occasionally use geometric shapes to form letters of the Arabic alphabet and paint them in ways that convey verses from the Quran or other teachings that Muslims hold dear or find inspirational.

Another way of experiencing and grasping geometric abstract art is by immersing oneself in the geometric colors, shapes, lines and images depicted to stimulate an original inspiration that the artist may not even imagine. 

In summary abstract geometric paintings are a rich and expressive aspect of art that has an indisputable place in the world of modern imagery.